Gigabyte H242-Z11 Edge Server REVIEW | IT Creations

Hi there, Doug Stuman with IT Creations with an Edge Server from Gigabyte. The 2U H242-Z11 Edge Server. As an edge server, this platform is designed for locations that require a short chassis length and are typically under 500mm in depth. This one does fit the bill with a chassis depth of only 475mm. It features 4x front-accessible single-socket server nodes, each of which supports either a single 2nd or 3rd generation AME EPYC CPU with up to 64 cores. With support for 3rd generation AMD EPYC CPUs each node can support up to 2TB for up to 8TB total in the whole 2U chassis. In addition to edge computing offering real-time monitoring of IoT devices… Watch the video!

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